Fun With Kids: Halloween fun with the Minions, book to help parents with only child

SINGAPORE – Make family time all the more special with these ideas and activities.

Play: Trick-or-treat adventure

This Halloween season, take part in a Trail of Treats, where you and your kids can collect free treats from Candy Ambassadors all around Universal Studios Singapore.

Wolfman Minion makes his appearance for the first time here, along with the other Minion Monsters, so get your cameras ready.

Other popular characters from Sesame Street, Trolls, Kung Fu Panda and Despicable Me are also dressed for the Halloween festivities – and so should your family.

If your costume stands out, you could win prizes such as attraction tickets, as well as retail and dining vouchers. There is an Instagram weekly costume contest too. Upload your photos with the tag #TrickorThrillsatUSS and follow @RWSentosa.

The Trick or Thrills programme is on daily till Nov 7. Usual admission ticket charges to the theme park apply. Go to this website.

Watch: New kids’ drama series about dogs on Apple TV+

If your kids love dogs, this is the pawfect drama series for them. Adapted from books of the same title by United States author Ellen Miles, Puppy Place follows the adventures of siblings Charles and Lizzie Peterson, and their furry friends.

Their mum does not think the family is ready for a pet, but there is no stopping the siblings from helping puppies find their forever homes.

From a golden retriever to a Jack Russell terrier to a shih tzu, you will meet different dog breeds – and personalities – in the series.

Puppy Place, a new kids’ drama series on Apple TV+. PHOTO: APPLE TV+

All eight episodes, released last Friday (Oct 15), are available on Apple TV+ (

Encourage your kids to watch the series and read Miles’ books. Then, discuss which version they enjoy and why.

Read: Picture book to help parents with only child

What should you say to your only child who is asking for a sibling?

That is the premise for Why Am I A Lonely Only?, author Linda Locke’s sixth and latest picture book from her Jack Is Curious series.

Little Jack is upset that he is different from the other children at school – everyone else has a sibling or two.

Mama patiently explains the reason and reassures Jack that being the only child is not that different from having a brother or sister.

In real life, Locke recalls having that conversation with her son Jackson when he was young.

Why Am I A Lonely Only? from the Jack Is Curious book series by Linda Locke. PHOTO: EPIGRAM BOOKS

“It meant a lot to him to know we had tried very hard to give him a sibling and he accepted our explanation that there were also benefits to being an only child,” says Locke, who became a mum at 43 after five in vitro fertilisation attempts over 11/2 years.

Other titles in her series, illustrated by Chloe Chang, include Why Do You Always Say No? and Can I Hit Back At A Bully?.

Author Linda Locke hopes her Jack Is Curious book series can help open up discussions between parents and their children. PHOTO: EPIGRAM BOOKS

Locke hopes her books can help open up delicate but important discussions between parents and their children.

Each retails at $9.90 (excluding GST) on the Epigram website, Epigram Bookshop’s pop-up store at 267 Beach Road and major bookstores.

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