Hangout with ST: Genetically modified human embryos and debate on private clubs barring maids

SINGAPORE – Hangout with ST, a live video series by The Straits Times, is broadcast live at 8pm every Thursday on the paper’s Facebook page.

The series adopts a casual, talk-show format and is helmed by multimedia journalists Alyssa Woo and Hairianto Diman.

In this week’s episode, they discuss the ethics of genetically modified human embryos with guest, Dr G. Owen Schaefer; the debate on the Singapore Cricket Club barring maids from its premises; the spate of food poisoning cases in recent weeks; and The Straits Times’ Asian of the Year awards.

Talking points covered in previous episodes include the university module that aims to help students deal with loss and bereavement, the Lion Air crash in Indonesia, what online services one would be willing to give up in the light of the GST Bill for online services, and where one draws the line between an individual and employee when posting on social media.

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