Japan to ease entry rules for business trips of up to 3 days: Report

TOKYO (REUTERS) – Japan will ease entry restrictions on business travellers for stays of up to three days in a bid to revive economic activity after visits from abroad ground to a halt due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Yomiuri newspaper reported on Thursday (Oct 22).

The government is planning to relax curbs for people from 30 countries and regions with which Japan has strong business ties including China, South Korea and Taiwan, the Yomiuri said, citing unidentified government sources.

The plan will come into effect next month, the newspaper said.

Japan is looking at gradually reopening its borders to visitors from overseas, starting with business travel, after it imposed some of the world’s strictest entry restrictions to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

Japan has agreed with 10 countries and regions to allow entry to long-term visa holders and another three for shorter-term stays of around one month.

Those are all reciprocal arrangements, but the latest plan involves only entrants to Japan, the Yomiuri said.

Under the plan, business travellers will be required to take a coronavirus test, avoid public transportation and submit an itinerary of their activities during their stay, the Yomiuri said.

They will not be required to quarantine in their hotels, the newspaper said.

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