Meet Izara, Singapore Zoo's new zebra foal

SINGAPORE – The Singapore Zoo welcomed its first Grevy’s zebra foal on Sep 30.

Born to a pair of six-year-old zebras, father Desta and mother Kolle, Izara, as the foal was named, is the latest addition to a pack of five Grevy’s zebras – the largest and most endangered zebra species.

Izara is a girl’s name of African origin meaning star.

The four adult zebras arrived here in June last year from the Tanganyija Wildlife Park in the USA as part of a population management programme by the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria.

Dr Luis Carlos Neves, Mandai Wildlife Group’s vice president of animal care, said: “Every birth is a celebration, and this healthy and active foal will play a part in contributing to the population under human care.”

According to Dr Neves, there are less than 2000 Grevy’s zebras left in the wild and about 400 in human care.

He added that Izara’s birthwas a monumental step in the protection of the endangered species.

Grevy’s zebra is native to parts of Ethiopia and Northern Kenya. The animal population in the wild has declined by 85 per cent over the last three decades due to disappearing water sources, loss of habitat, human hunters, and disease.

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