Singapore Works: Making sure that the nation's taps do not run dry

More than 50 years ago, Singapore had to undergo water rationing when there was a prolonged dry spell.

In the following years, a lot of work was put into ensuring that the taps here do not run dry and that the water is safe to drink.

Last year, each Singaporean used 143 litres of water a day.

This amounts to 1.95 billion litres of water daily, which is enough to fill 782 Olympic-size swimming pools.

To meet this demand, national water agency PUB has developed four sources, or what it calls the four national taps.

They are: Local catchment, Newater, desalinated water and imported water.

“We plan our infrastructure well ahead of demand, so that we will always be able to meet the water demand,” said PUB assistant chief executive Harry Seah.

“The water we produce… a lot of work has been put into it.”

The 58-year-old, who has been with PUB for 35 years, added that he hopes Singaporeans will look upon water as a precious resource.

Watch how Singaporeans are provided with clean drinking water every day in the third episode of Singapore Works, a video series about the people and processes behind the scenes that enable Singapore to function seamlessly.

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