SMRT staff to carry placards reminding commuters not to talk on trains to reduce Covid-19 risk

SINGAPORE – SMRT station staff will begin holding “Please Refrain From Talking” placards from Wednesday (March 31) at MRT stations as part of a new campaign to minimise the risk of Covid-19 transmission on public transport.

The aim is to remind commuters to not talk on the phone or to others when taking the MRT. The move comes as Singapore is easing its Covid-19 restrictions to allow from April 5 up to 75 per cent of a firm’s employees currently able to work from home to return to the workplace at any one time, compared with 50 per cent now.

SMRT said: “Commuters might forget every now and then (to refrain from talking), and we would like to courteously remind them to help keep our public transport safe through this initiative.”

It has also posted videos on its Facebook page to spread the same message.

This is a reinforcement of its current advice to commuters, aimed at preventing droplets from spreading in an enclosed area. 

There are already signs put up on MRT trains such as “Silent rides, do what’s right”.

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