S'pore PR has reunion with family – and home town's fried fishballs – in Perak

SINGAPORE – It had been more than 10 months since Ms Chong Huey Mun, 30, saw her parents and two children in person in Kampar, Perak.

So she was among the first people to head home on the Singapore-Malaysia land vaccinated travel lane in a bus last Monday (Nov 29).

For Ms Chong, an administrative staff member in education and a Malaysian with Singapore permanent residency, this has been the longest she has been away. She used to return home at least every school holiday period to see her family before Covid-19 struck.

The reunion with her parents and her children, aged five and seven, has been a blast, she said.

But she also raved about another “reunion” – with the fried fishballs sold in her home town.

“I’ve tried to look for these fishballs in Singapore, but I can’t find anything like the ones back home,” she said.

Ms Chong, who is working from home during her trip, visits nearby wholesale food stalls or stores in the morning to buy fried fishballs, which she shares with her family.

Fried fishballs and dumplings enjoyed by Ms Chong while back in Perak. PHOTO: CHONG HUEY MUN

“Before Covid-19, we used to dine at stores, but now I’m a bit afraid, so I just order takeaway,” she said.

She frequents Kedai Hoong Kee, a popular fishball and noodle stall in Kampar. “Eating the fried fishballs with dry or soup noodles is a common breakfast for people in Perak,” said Ms Chong.

“I ate them almost every day as a child, so they’re really memorable and nostalgic to me,” she added.

Ms Chong plans to be in Perak till Dec 27. Her husband, who was unable to leave with them last Monday due to his work schedule, will join the family on Wednesday (Dec 8).

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