Superland Pre-School closed after 5 children, 1 staff member get Covid-19

SINGAPORE – The Superland Pre-School in Kreta Ayer Community Centre will be closed until Aug 20 after a staff member and five children were confirmed with Covid-19.

The pre-school was one of three new clusters announced by the Ministry of Health (MOH) on Wednesday (Aug 11), with four cases linked to it at the time.

The daycare centre was closed for cleaning and disinfection from Tuesday to Wednesday, and is working with the Early Childhood Development Agency, MOH and parents regarding the cluster, a Superland spokesman said in response to queries from The Straits Times.

All infected individuals were from the same class, and were last present at the pre-school last Friday, when they had cleared health checks and temperature screening.

The cases were detected during testing of close contacts after a first child was confirmed to have the coronavirus on Monday. The child had developed symptoms at home on Sunday and visited the doctor the same day.

The staff member who contracted the virus is fully vaccinated, added the spokesman.

All children and staff from the centre will be tested as a precautionary measure, he said.

Those who were in close contact with the confirmed cases have been issued a quarantine order, while others who were recently in the pre-school but not quarantined have been issued a leave of absence until Aug 20.

Children were provided home-based learning kits to continue their education while away from school, to help ease the burden on parents, said the spokesman.

The pre-school expects to resume operations on Aug 21. Its staff are in close contact with parents of the affected children and the member of staff to check on their well-being.

ST understands that classes in the other 11 Superland pre-schools are operating as normal.

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