Top of the Pods: Popular ST & BT podcasts in September 2020

Popular podcasts in order below, listened to by readers of The Straits Times and The Business Times in September 2020

ETFs and unit trusts, what are the differences and misconceptions? – Money Hacks Ep 79 (featuring Gregory Van, chief executive and founding partner of Endowus)

Boxgreen – a profitable business nuts about doing good? – Portraits Of Purpose Podcast Ep 1 (featuring Walter Oh, co-founder of healthy snacks company Boxgreen)

New MPs yet to find rhythm, equilibrium: Indranee Rajah on tone in Parliament – The Big Story Ep 33 (featuring Leader of the House Indranee Rajah)

Understanding suicides and how to help to prevent them: Health Check Ep 44 (featuring Dr Jared Ng, a consultant with the Emergency Services at the Institute of Mental Health)

What has Covid-19 taught Singapore about sustainability: Green Pulse Ep 30 (featuring Minister for National Development Desmond Lee)

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