US embassy in Myanmar cautions its citizens after reports of military movements

YANGON (REUTERS) – The US embassy in Myanmar urged its citizens to “shelter-in-place” on Sunday (Feb 14), citing reports of military movements in the commercial capital Yangon, after armoured vehicles were sighted there for the first time since the Feb 1 military coup.

The embassy also said there was a “possibility of telecommunications interruptions overnight between 1am and 9am”.

Meanwhile, Myanmar security forces fired to disperse protesters outside a power plant in the northern state of Kachin, footage broadcast live on Facebook showed, although it was not clear if they were using rubber bullets or live fire.

Hundreds had gathered late on Sunday outside a power plant that soldiers had occupied in the city of Myitkyina. As darkness fell, riot police accompanied by soldiers arrived to drive away the crowds, the footage showed.

The security forces doused the crowds with a water cannon and shots were heard.

“A few minutes ago the Tatmadaw reinforced with military tanks and now they started shooting,” said one resident who asked not to be named for fear of retribution, using the Burmese term for the armed forces.

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