Walk-in Covid-19 test kiosks installed for sample collection: Daily Star

DHAKA (THE DAILY STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) – With the support of a non-governmental organisation (NGO) which has been tasked with the collection of samples, 44 walk-in kiosks have been installed across the nation to enable a safe, quick and efficient approach for sample collection in order to conduct Covid-19 tests.

The kiosks are based on a South Korean design that had demonstrated impressive success. The Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) will carry out the tests at their own laboratories.

We commend this timely initiative to address the lack of testing facilities across the country, given the importance of carrying out mass testing during this pandemic.

The testing booths are designed in such a way that safety of the health workers, as well as of those being tested, is ensured during the sample collection.

The setting where the medical technologist stands is kept sterile, and the glass fixture in the middle further ensures that the precautionary distance is maintained while the sample from the supposed patient is being collected from small openings.

Moreover, this method eliminates the manpower needed for the job, as well as the requirement to change the personal protective equipment (PPE) kit for every single patient.

Following every sample collection, the gloves used and the chair on which the examinees sit are disinfected to ensure safety for the next person in line.

The convener of the NGO stated that an additional 320 booths will be installed in school and college premises across the country in phases.

This way, the pressure on the hospitals can be reduced and the general public can easily get tested.

As mass testing is the key to ensure safety, the introduction of these booths will serve as a beacon of hope in these dark times.

We urge the responsible authorities to take immediate steps to set up such testing kiosks across the nation. We are still struggling in our fight against Covid-19, but such appropriate measures provide a sense of relief.

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