Weather in S'pore to be dry and warm for second half of October, daily highs of 34 deg C

SINGAPORE – Warmer and drier weather is on the way after a rainy first half of the month, said the weatherman in a statement on Friday (Oct  16).

In a statement on Friday (Oct 16), the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) said that Singapore can expect daily temperature highs of 34 deg C on most days over the next fortnight, with a range of 25 deg C to 34 deg C.

But there may be some respite from the heat, as the MSS also said that short moderate to heavy thundery showers can still be expected on some days between the late morning and afternoon.

The first half of October saw moderate to heavy thundery showers on many days as tropical storms over the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean pushed rain clouds over Singapore.

The showers were heaviest on Oct 2 when over a metre of rain fell over Tuas.

The showers resulted in cloudy and cool conditions on most days in the first half of the month. The daily maximum temperature across the island was below 34 deg C on all days except on Oct 5, when the maximum temperature hit 34.8 deg C on Pulau Ubin.

The coldest daily temperature was 22.6 deg C, recorded at Clementi on Oct 3.

The rainfall for the whole of October is forecast to be below normal over most parts of the island.

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