Women rally community in fund-raising campaign to support those in need

SINGAPORE – When her daughter came home from school one day and told her that she wanted to make a mask chain to cheer up a friend who was going through a rough time, Ms Joanne-Marie Sim marvelled at her child’s compassion and was filled with pride.

Ms Sim, a social media influencer, said recently: “It was then that I realised that children are very much aware that their actions can make a difference to someone. I decided to build on this, and proposed to my children the idea of making mask chains to raise funds.”

She is one of the many women tapping the festive cheer this month and raising funds for the Women in Red campaign, which is supporting community causes that help the elderly, the disabled, and families in need.

Ms Sim, 37, and her three children are making bracelets and mask chains for sale, with proceeds going to the campaign.

The month-long campaign organised by the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) rallies women from across the country to join the initiative and raise $20,000 by the end of the month. Some local personalities have been roped in to champion the cause.

Ms Eunice Olsen, founder and chief executive of WomenTalkTV, said the campaign is a good opportunity for her to do her part and help keep SRC’s programmes running.

She played the piano live on her Instagram page every night from Dec 1 to 12 to encourage her followers to donate.

“As a goodwill ambassador (of the SRC), this campaign gives me an opportunity to do something for the organisation at a time when it’s not easy to fund-raise in the social sector,” Ms Olsen said.

“Everyone can give back to our society in our own way and it’s the little things we do together that will make the bigger difference. I hope I can play a small part as well in this bigger picture,” she added.

Ms Olsen, alongside six other personalities, including presenter Cassandra Rudge, life coach Jade Kua and Ms Sim, aims to raise $2,000 by the end of the month.

Ms Rudge is offering a complimentary emcee service to whoever donates the largest amount to her fund-raising page, while Dr Kua will offer free life-coaching sessions to anyone who donates more than $500.

SRC chief executive Benjamin William said: “Not only are women having a growing impact on philanthropy, they also have fun giving and collaborating for social good. We are grateful for all women who are leveraging their professional networks and communities of influence to raise funds for our humanitarian operations in Singapore.”

He added: “More than a ladies-only fund-raiser, we invite fathers, husbands, brothers, sons and co-workers to make a donation in honour and appreciation of the wonder women in their lives.”

All women in the community are encouraged to take part in the campaign and start their own fund-raising pages on the Red Cross site.


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Some members of the public who have started their own fund-raising pages have offered to send home-baked goods to those who donate, while others are urging friends to donate and sending out the donation links.

The public can donate at redcross.sg/womeninred-donate

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