Arsonist attacks home of senior manager at Quinn Industrial Holdings

Arsonists last night attacked the home of Tony Lunney, a senior manager at Quinn Industrial Holdings (QIH).

QIH said a car belonging to Mr Lunney’s daughter was set alight after 11pm last night.

The attack follows a similar incident at the home of Dara O’Reilly, QIH’s chief financial officer.

QIH is made up of elements of the old Quinn empire. Mr Quinn returned to the business as a consultant after it was established but later parted ways with the company.

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A number of other violent incidents have taken place against the company, including an arson attack on a tyre factory owned by a senior manager.

QIH has said there has been a “campaign of threats and intimidation against senior management of QIH by persons who had sought the return of Sean Quinn.”

Mr Quinn has repeatedly condemned the attacks against the business.

QIH chief executive Liam McCaffrey said: “It is grossly unacceptable that criminals who threaten the lives and wellbeing of staff on both sides of the border continue to operate with impunity.  It is also enormously frustrating that following years of intimidation and threats and a substantial escalation of violence over recent months that not a single arrest has been made.”

“Unless politicians and the authorities on both sides of the border properly prioritise and resource this issue, as they have with gangland and paramilitary crime in other area, lives will be lost.  More than 830 staff and their families and the wider community are impacted by this violence and intimidation and they are in urgent need of reassurance that this issue is being taken seriously.”

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