BT Podcast Special: How a pandemic means solid growth in finance, as driven by technology

BT Podcast Special Ep 2: How a pandemic means solid growth in finance, as driven by technology

Synopsis: The Business Times speaks with the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s managing director Ravi Menon in a wide-ranging interview ahead of the annual Singapore Fintech Festival from Dec 7-11. This special edition will come with four exclusive podcasts for our listeners.

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In the second episode, BT’s banking and finance editor Jamie Lee talks to Mr Menon about how fintech unexpectedly improved business performance and provided new jobs amidst a pandemic. 

How fintech showed resilience amid Covid-19 (0:44)
A new demand for tech skills in the financial sector (1:58)
Helping mid-career professionals move into a new sector (3:39)
How banks can better integrate between foreign talent and locals (4:56)

Produced by: Jamie Lee and Lee Kim Siang

Edited by: Adam Azlee

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