Telco provider hits back with witty response following outage, offers to compensate customer 8c

Outrage over an internet outage has met with a witty response from the telco provider, who said customers would have lost about eight cents.

At 7.40pm on Tuesday 2degrees broadband issued an update saying its service was down in some parts of Auckland.

About an hour later it updated that its services had been restored, but not before one user had requested compensation, saying “What about paying for the data that your clients are having to use during this time?”.

The 2degrees broadband account hit back with a witty reply, saying they were open to discussing compensation.

“Calculations normally go something like … down for one hour, you pay (example) $65/m for your broadband,” read the comment.

“So let’s say just over $2 a day.”

“I think that would be about a 8c compensation from my very basic maths, feel free to give us a call and we can chat further once you’re back online!”

But the message also outlined that they do guarantee a fault-free service, which is in the terms and conditions of customer’s broadband agreements.

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