Top Workplaces 2022: West+Main revels in challenges of helping homebuyers, sellers

The renewed focus on working from home during the pandemic opened new opportunities for West+Main during the past year.

The company welcomed the opportunity to help homeowners and developers create and rethink how they used the space in their homes, says Stacie Staub, West+Main founder and CEO. “Since we’re in the business of helping folks navigate change in their lives, the movement toward working from home and new hybrid options is exciting.”

“Our staff has always had the option to work where they like, so the biggest shift for us is in getting to help other people do the same!”

Because the company never required employees to work in the office full time or during set hours it has always been able to help them maintain a work-life balance, she says.

“Our employees are able to work wherever they want, so I don’t see 40 hours a week sitting at an assigned desk in West + Main’s future.”

That flexibility and focus on work-life balance is why employees have made West + Main has been a top workplace since the company opened in 2017. It ranked No. 3 on the list of best midsize businesses in 2021.

Looking ahead

During the pandemic, the company used technology to help employees stay connected.

“Our collaborative culture didn’t really skip a beat thanks to the business model and structure that we have always had in place,” Staub says.

The company used Slack, Livestorm and Trello to communicate and keep projects on track.

“We thrive on innovation and finding ways to make transactions smoother and moves easier,” Staub says.

Looking ahead to the rest of 2022, Staub anticipates continued growth for West+Main.

“Thanks to the talent, trust and loyalty of our agents and their clients, we are projecting continued growth and expansion,” she says.

“If anything, the pandemic accelerated our plans and opened up additional opportunities, which we did not anticipate and are beyond grateful for.”

Living and working in Colorado

Colorado provides a challenging and rewarding place to live and work, Staub says.

“Colorado has always been a wonderful place to work. It’s ideal for building home equity, it’s a popular destination where people are looking to move, and of course, our employees are here because they love it, too.”

No. 3

West + Main Homes

Years named: 4
Founded: 2017
Headquarters: Lakewood
Employees: 254
Locations: 6
Facts: West + Main is an independently-owned and operated boutique real estate company specializing in residential properties in downtown Denver and the Front Range communities.

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