11 changes to lockdown from May 17 that Boris will confirm today

Boris Johnson is set to announce some huge changes to lockdown restrictions at a 5pm press conference today.

Dozens of Covid rules are finally expected to lifted from May 17 following months of harsh rules.

It’s thought Boris Johnson will ask the public to use their ‘common sense’ in their new freedoms as he unveils his plan today. 

But what exactly will we all be allowed to do from Monday onwards? Join Metro.co.uk as we take you through 11 key things the Prime Minister will announce.

People in England have had to social distance from anyone they don’t live with for months now – but will finally be able to embrace their close friends and family from Monday.

While they can can hug loved ones, people will still be advised to keep 1.5 metres away from strangers. 

Ministers are set to put more trust in the public, telling them to decide on their own levels of ‘risk for their own circumstances’. 

Number 10 sources told The Telegraph the PM will tell everyone to use their ‘personal judgement’ when it comes to hugs. 

Lockdown-weary Brits have braved rain, wind and snow all in the name of grabbing a catch-up with their friends this year – but will be able to pop round their friends’ houses again in groups of six or two households. 

Mr Johnson is expected to also confirm overnight stays will be permitted – but people should still keep their distance from those they don’t live with. 

The pub and restaurant industry has been battered by the coronavirus pandemic – but was finally allowed to open outside on April 12. 

The Government will provide some much-needed extra relief by announcing they can welcome customers back inside from May 17. 

Venues will offer table service only, with the rule of six in place for diners and punters. 

People in England have been able to meet outdoors with six people or two households since 29 March. 

But bigger outdoor gatherings will finally return, with groups of 30 allowed from Monday. Social distancing will still be in place at these gatherings. 

Domestic trips away have been on the cards since April 12 – but only with those in the same household. 

From May 17, people can go on domestic holidays with friends or family they do not live with – providing they stick to the rule of six. 

Foreign travel is also an option from May 17 after the long-awaited ‘green list’ was revealed on Friday. 

Portugal, including the Azores and Madeira, is the main summer sun destination that people living in England will be able to visit freely. 

Gibraltar, Israel, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Singapore and Brunei are also on the green list, as well as New Zealand and Australia. 

Most countries on the list are still either banning tourists or imposing tough restrictions on visitors, with only four letting UK tourists in without the need to quarantine. 

Grieving families can have 30 mourners at funerals and 15 at wakes at the moment. 

This will change on Monday, as funeral venue bosses are allowed to decide how many people they can fit in, using social distancing rules. 

The change comes after the Government came under pressure to explain why thousands were allowed to watch football matches and award ceremonies together in trials – but many were left viewing loved ones’ funerals on Zoom. 

The number of people allowed at wakes will be increased to 30, and no more. 

While the rules for funerals will change, restrictions for weddings will remain the same. 

This means only 30 people will be allowed at indoor ceremonies and receptions in Covid-secure venues. 

It’s been a long time since most people were in a crowd – but this will all change come May 17. 

Mr Johnson is expected to announce that indoor events like gigs will have a capacity limit of 1,000 or 50% – whichever is smaller. 

Outdoor events will be permitted to welcome up to 4,000 people – or operate at 50% capacity. 

Seated outdoor events – including football matches – will be allowed 10,000 people or 25% capacity. 

Entertainment venues like cinemas, theatres and museums are expected to be back in business from May 17. 

Visitors will need to follow social distancing rules and need to wear masks. 

The PM will announce that saunas and steam rooms can reopen as the nations unlocks on Monday. 

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