6ft 2in beauty queen branded ‘Godzilla’ by bullies could make history

A 6ft 2in beauty queen who was branded “Godzilla” by cruel classmates has become the tallest-ever contestant in Miss England history. Kathryn Turner, 24, was left feeling self-conscious over her unusual height after being relentlessly bullied during her teenage years. By the age of seven, Kathryn was towering over her friends and had to wear clothes for girls twice her age. Now, Kathryn is 11 inches taller than the average woman in the UK.

Kathryn said she was branded a “circus freak” and “Godzilla” by bullies due to her height.

But it didn’t end there after she claimed she was punched in a random attack during a night out when she was 18 after being called a man by a group of girls in a club.

Despite years of bullying, Kathryn embraced her 6ft 2in stature and size nine feet as she began modelling.

She then decided to apply for the Miss England pageant and was left delighted after making it through to the final stage of the heat round.

Kathryn, who works as a resident advisor for a student housing company, is now hoping to become the tallest-ever winner in the competition’s 93-year history.

She says she now wants to empower young women to embrace their differences after previously believing she was too ugly to model.

Kathryn, of Aigburth, Liverpool, added: “As a child, I didn’t know I was different until someone called me weird for being the same height as a Year 6 pupil in Year 2. I was the height of a ten-year-old aged six and wore clothes for 14-year-olds when I was seven.

“The bullying was at its worst during secondary school and I would be called names like ‘Godzilla’ and ‘circus freak’ and I could always feel everyone’s eyes on me.

“I also suffered physical abuse while out clubbing with my friends on a few occasions and my confidence was knocked. On one night out in July 2017 a random boy came up to me and started giving me verbal abuse and he started on me and I ended up with a broken nose in hospital.

“On a second occasion in a club in Liverpool, a girl came up to me and thought I was a man because of my height and started on me. This knocked my confidence again and I felt like I was back at school. But, over the years I have learnt that what someone else thinks about you does not really matter.

“I began to grow from the bullying and it actually made me stronger. My stature and height are powerful and I am still the beautiful person I was before all those people called me horrible names and stared.

“Friends and family said I should have modelled in the past because of my height but I never believed I was good enough due to the bullying and lack of self-belief. But now I want to inspire others to embrace their differences and reach for their dreams and goals.”

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Kathryn applied to Miss England last October after returning from a trip to Paris where she randomly featured in an influencer’s video on TikTok under the Louvre. After the video went viral, she was encouraged by friends and family to try professional modelling.

She is currently in third place in the online Miss England heats with over 5,000 people voting for her to win a place in the semi-finals.

And if she places in the top two, she will automatically win a spot at the Miss England 2023 semi-final which will be held later this year.

She added: “If I make the finals, it will be a dream come true and my younger self would be so proud. My mum is my biggest fan and everyone in my family is very supportive.

“Even the students I work with in my job are all supporting me in my Miss England heats. I believe anybody that is tall needs to embrace their height and I hope I can help others in the same boat.”

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