‘A dangerous game’ Harry’s US advisors urged to intervene and stop his attacks on royals

Prince Harry is ‘playing a dangerous game’ claims royal expert

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US advisors to Prince Harry have been urged to step in and stop the attacks on the Royal Family. Russell Myers, royal correspondent for the Daily Mirror, told True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat this week that even members of the Royal Family feel that Harry’s criticism of them “is not becoming a fair fight”. He questioned when Harry’s attacks will stop, adding that it is something that advisors to the Duke of Sussex should be “seriously considering”.

Royal Beat host Kate Thornton said: “We heard him share how he felt in that moment walking behind his mother’s coffin on that day with the world watching.

“He shared his anger, his dismay at that. And the fact that he wasn’t able to grieve as openly as people who never known his mother. Were you surprised to hear him go there?”

Mr Myers responded: “Not really. I think he is well within his rights to paint this picture of not only his upbringing but the issues that shaped him as a person.

“The issue that I think some people, maybe the Royal Family as well, will have is that it’s not becoming a fair fight.”

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He continued: “If he is allowed to say exactly what he wants while members of the Royal Family are maintaining a dignified silence for the benefit of themselves and the monarchy then it is wholly unfair.

“He should be applauded for coming forward and speaking about his mental health struggles and the therapy he has received, which will raise a fantastic conversation.

“But how many times are we speaking about this now?

“He is coming up with the same issues and the same attacks on members of his family while they essentially can’t say anything.

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“It’s a dangerous game because on one hand he will be celebrated but if it keeps on going and that’s just his tact – attacking his family whilst airing his grievances – where does it stop?

“That is something for him and his advisors – if he does have advisors – to be seriously considering.”

Senior royal correspondent Roya Nikkhah earlier told the programme that Prince Charles “has a lot he wants to say” on the criticism from his son.


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However, the Prince of Wales has decided to maintain “a dignified silence” despite “coming under quite heavy fire in terms of Harry’s account of his parenting”.

Ms Nikkhah added: “If Harry feels he has really benefited from the counselling and therapy that he has had and it is opening up emotions and helping him in his new life across the pond – good luck to him.

“But one wonders if in order to do that do you have to publicly speak about your family in such a negative light?”

Harry’s own former biographer Angela Levin echoed this, claiming that his resentment surrounding the death of his mother the late Princess of Wales shows an “immature” streak.

Ms Levin told the programme she was shocked to find out Harry was still hurt that other people openly mourned the loss of his mother, the Princess of Wales.

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