‘A family event’ Queen sending subtle message with Prince Andrew memorial role

Queen makes subtle statement with Andrew memorial role

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The Queen chose to have her second son accompany her to the memorial service for her late husband, the Duke of Edinburgh. The memorial had nearly 2,000 people in attendance. The ongoing controversy surrounding Prince Andrew’s prominent role on Tuesday, has caused speculation about the reason behind the Queen’s decision. Speaking to the hosts on Royally US this week, True Royalty TV co-founder Nick Bullen discussed the Queen and Prince Andrew’s attendance at the memorial and the message she was sending out by having Prince Andrew by her side.

Mr Bullen said: “I think the message was that ‘this is a family event.

“A family thanksgiving for the head of the family.

“If you look at the range of people there, it was a very personal event.”

He added: “It had all of his cousins from the Mountbatten side sitting immediately opposite the Royal Family.

“Sitting behind the royals, you had virtually every crowned head of Europe of whom are cousins of Phillip and the Queen.”

Mr Bullen said that was “the big message, it was a family event albeit in one of the largest churches in Britain”.

He concluded: “It was clearly not a public or state event, it was a family event and the messaging from the Queen is my family may well have been through terminals over the last few months but we are united as a family”.

It is often reported that Prince Andrew is the Queen’s “favourite son”

GB News host Dan Wootton spoke to royal commentator Robert Jobson, who defended the Queen’s decision to be accompanied by Andrew.

Mr Wootton described Prince Andrew appearing with the Queen as a “shock move”.

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The memorial was not only Prince Andrew’s first official appearance in a while, it was also the Queen’s first official outing since her Covid-19 diagnosis in February.

The Queen has been suffering from ill-health in recent months and this had led to other members of the family stepping up to attend duties on her behalf.

The Commonwealth Day Service, which took place earlier this month, was one notable event that the Queen was unable to attend.

Due to her absence, the Queen asked the Prince of Wales to step in to represent her.

Her Majesty has only missed this event once before due to the Covid pandemic in 2021.


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Prior to the memorial, questions arose as to whether her health struggles would prevent her from attending.

The 95-year-old monarch only confirmed her attendance at the Service of Thanksgiving shortly before it commenced.

Palace aides are said to be concerned about the 95-year-old’s frail health.

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