Abolish the monarchy calls slapped down as Queen prepares for milestone ‘We are blessed!’

Queen is presented her platinum jubilee cake upside down

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A tweet by Republic, the group campaigning to replace the sovereign with an elected head of state, was criticised by social media users. Republic’s post included a tweet by Buckingham Palace shared on Friday evening which showed the Queen looking through memorabilia and cards sent her to mark past jubilees.

Republic retweeted it adding: “There is nothing good about one person occupying a public office for 70 years. #NotAnother70 #AbolishTheMonarchy”

Many social media users defended the Crown and the Queen in response to this tweet.

One, @Jimbo79a, commented: “I know, such a terrible thing, accumulating a level of experience an elected head of state could only dream of.”

Another, @andrew17sc, deeply critical of Republic’s tweet, wrote: “It’s kind of sad how you think this is a persuasive argument against the monarchy”.

Royal fan @youreallmad said: “Go and bark into the wildness.”

Yet another, @NxallAnglo wrote: “Yeah there is… if they’re a good leader”

Replying with a picture of the Queen taken in 1953 during her coronation, @crowninglory_ wrote: “It isn’t good. It’s f*g terrific.

“We are blessed to have as our head of state Elizabeth II, by the grace of God of the United Kingdom and her other realms and territories Queen.

“Thank you God, for granting us one Elizabeth. Not a string of Blairs, Johnsons, Clintons or Mays.”

@Expat_Beagle_Oz also said: “How dare she………devote most of her life to public service?”

Other online users agreed with Republic and called for the election of Britain’s head of state.

@BritRepub claimed: “She only has the job because nobody else was allowed to apply. If they had been she wouldn’t have made the shortlist.”

@tweeter_time wrote: “I’d be in my job for 70 years too if I couldn’t be sacked.”

And @dodgyoriginals said: “Hereditary ‘presentee-ism’ does not constitute talent…”

Republic’s tweet came hours before the Queen is due to make history as the first English sovereign to have reigned for 70 years.

The Queen is currently on her Norfolk estate, where on Saturday afternoon she hosted a tea party in the ballroom at Sandringham House for charities and fellow members of the local Women’s Institute branch.

While the Queen helped herself with a light walking stick, she appeared to be in splendid form and chatted and smiled throughout the whole event.

Upon cutting a cake, bearing the emblem of the Platinum Jubilee, she cracked a joke.

Leaving the room in stitches, she said: “I think I’ll just put a knife in it… somebody else can do the rest of it!”

For what marked her first royal engagement of 2022, the Queen donned an Angela Kelly dress accessorised with her signature pearl earrings and necklace.

She also pinned on her dress two splendid Nizam of Hyderabad rose brooches.

After she cut the cake, the Queen was given a posy, including some of the flowers – such as lily of the valley – part of her Coronation bouquet in June 1953.

The band providing the entertainment during the reception, Hunstanton Concert Band, played ‘Congratulations’ for Her Majesty as she departed Sandringham House.

The Queen is believed to be staying at the less formal Wood Farm, a five-bedroom cottage which Prince Philip made his main residence after retiring from public duties in August 2017.

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