‘About time!’ Police get tough on latest M25 protesters as activists dragged off road

M25 climate protest disrupted as police remove protesters

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Footage from LBC showed police grabbing Insulate Britain activists and dragging them away from the roads as officers have now gotten tough on the protesters after facing criticisms they were simply standing around doing nothing. Friday marked the third protest from the group who have sat at junctions on the M25 bringing hours of delays to disgruntled motorists. But Essex Police who were waiting in Brentwood for the protesters quickly swooped in and arrested several activists after Home Secretary Priti Patel told police to take “decisive action” against the protests.

On Monday, there were protests at junctions 20 for Kings Langley, Herts, 14 for Heathrow terminal four, three for Swanley in Kent, six for Godstone, Surrey and 31 for Lakeside, Essex.

But protesters repeated their demonstrations on Wednesday following large media coverage and many arrested protesters being let out either on conditional bail or under investigation.

Police handling the situation were criticised for standing around and not moving on the protesters with angry motorists squaring up to the activists.

Police authorities came under pressure from the public and from the Home Office to crackdown on the protests.

It is believed protests at junctions 3 and 9 of the M25 are also underway.

A group of protesters have also blocked junction 8 of the M11, and the A120 close to Stansted Airport is closed.

People watching online were happy at the police taking action against the protesters.

@paullynch1929 said: “About time!.. a far better approach to the softly softly ‘we’ll do it nicely’ approach that the police have taken so far.

“They’re committing a criminal offence by being on the motorway – treat them as such…”

@AndyIMurphy wrote: “Did the police need time to get the right training to know to do this? Why wasn’t this done on previous occasions?

“The message getting through was that they just left them there or was that rollocks?”


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