‘Act now to do what?’ Radio host in tense clash with XR activist amid demonstration threat

Radio host confused by Extinction Rebellion activist's aims

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The pair came to blows as Mr Swarbrick grilled activist Daryl Tayar on what exactly the group’s aims are when they demand the Government “act now” to tackle climate change but have no central policies to offer the Government, as Mr Swarbrick expressed total confusion as to what Extinction Rebellion want out of their repeated protests and threats to carry out more.

In response to why the group do not have any specific demands of the Government, Mr Tayar slammed: “We don’t believe it is our right or role to do that.

“We believe that the people of this country know there is a problem.

“They don’t believe in the capacity of the government and are therefore frustrated.”

Despite claiming the group have no specific policies for Britain’s leaders, he said the group’s “single policy is we need to act now and the individual policies need to be decided by a citizens assembly”.

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But Mr Swarbrick slammed back: “But act now to do what!? That is absolutely bizarre! 

“You’re saying we don’t have specific aims or goals that we want the Government to reach… ‘We just want some sort of change now’.”

Mr Swarbrick elaborated adding “how do you then say the change that is being put forward isn’t enough” if the group do not have policies of their own to offer Britain’s leaders.

Mr Tayar pointed to the five percent rise in global emissions this year alone as evidence that the Government are not doing enough to combat climate change.

Extinction Rebellion protesters sit on top of silos at oil refinery

The LBC host interjected slamming: “So what do you want to see the Government do to get that down?”

The activist went on to insist a ‘citizens assembly’ is formed in Britain to address key issues surrounding climate change.

He added the formation of such an assembly would then require the Government to “honour the recomendations of, and follow the recomendations” of the assembly’s advice.

The activist stressed: “We believe the people in this country are capable of making the decisions once they have been advised by the science on the seriousness of the issue.”


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But a confused Mr Swarbick hit back questioning why Mr Tayar insisted the climate change group do not have any policies despite also calling for the formation of a citizens assembly.

It comes as Extinction Rebellion says it is considering what action to take during the COP26 climate chnage conference in Glasgow.

Campaigners plan to put world leaders under pressure to commit to reducing global emissions as Extinction Rebellion accuse them of having failed to provide “a compassionate and functional response” to the climate crisis.

Extinction Rebellion’s website states the group have three demands: ‘The government must declare a climate “emergency”; The UK must legally commit to reducing carbon emissions to net zero by 2025; A citizens’ assembly must be formed to “oversee the changes”.

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