Adorable puppy in ‘excruciating pain’ needs life-changing surgery

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Little Flash has been diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia in his back left hip, to the point where his hip is regularly popping in and out of the socket. Taken in by Jerry Green Dog Rescue, the lurcher needs to undergo surgery to mend his hip before he can leave with a forever family. 

According to the rescue, Flash spent his first year of life in excruciating pain – and it’s only going to get worse without surgery. A spokeswoman told the Mirror: “When Flash arrived with us, his discomfort was obvious from the start. We booked him in for x-rays straight away which revealed that our fears were correct and Flash had a long road ahead of him.

“His pain is hard for us to even imagine. This means a normal life isn’t currently possible for Flash, he cannot enjoy long walks, cannot run around or chase a ball, even small amounts of exercise are painful. Flash cannot continue like this.”

Living at Jerry Green Dog Rescue, in North Lincolnshire, the lurcher has been put on strong pain medication but vets say surgery is his only chance at a “normal, happy life”.

“The surgery and aftercare will come at an enormous cost, and will be a significant financial burden to our charity, but Flash is only 13 months old, a sweet and loving boy, and we just have to give him that chance.”

Although there is no guarantee surgery will work, the rescue centre has launched a donation page, where supporters can give as much or as little as they can spare.

According to the rescue, Flash spent his first year of life in excruciating pain – and it’s only going to get worse without surgery.

They are also searching for an adult-only foster home with no existing pets where he can recover from his surgery in peace.

The spokeswoman told The Mirror: “His movement will have to be very restricted for a period after surgery, if he is left in a kennel he could easily injure himself, and we’re struggling to find one at all. The foster home will have to be close to our vets in Brigg for follow-up care and all costs while he is in foster are covered by Jerry Green.”

Jerry Green Dog Rescue has been working to transform the lives of abandoned and unwanted dogs for almost 60 years. Founded by dog lover Jerry Green, the rescue centre opened its first site in North Lincolnshire in 1961. Since then, another three sites have opened – one in South Yorkshire, East Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire.

This enables the dogs to move around each site if they’re unable to secure their forever home at their initial placement.

A spokeswoman said: “All dogs deserve a good life and a safe, loving home. We exist to provide a safe place for homeless dogs and to find new loving places for them to live.”

They stand by the motto: “Once a Jerry Green dog, always a Jerry Green dog.”

If you’re interested in donating towards Flash’s surgery, text FLASH to 70201 to donate £1, FLASH to 70331 to donate £3, FLASH to70970 to donate £5 or FLASH to70191 to donate £10. 

Alternatively, you can donate via their website.

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