Adorable video of disabled dogs taking part in world’s first pet Paralympics

West Country: Petsure hosts inclusive 'Paralympics for dogs'

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The Petsure Games were held at the Bath and West Country Festival over the weekend and saw hundreds of dogs get their paws in gear for the all-inclusive competition. Entrants included dogs from all walks of life- healthy, puppy, elderly, disabled, or those with pre-existing health conditions. 

The Games were designed with world-class agility coaches and activities included jump-less jumps to accommodate less abled pets, and a scent-based fetch for visually impaired dogs.

Special guests included Instagram sensation Puggy Smalls, legendary cricket commentator Henry Blofeld OBE, and TV vet Dr Scott Miller was on hand to present medals to the winners and offer advice to pet owners.

Mr Blofeld said: “I have been involved in commentating on some bonkers things, but this really does take the doggy biscuit – such fun! Well done to all the canine competitors – each and every one is a winner to me.”

Dr Miller said: “The Petsure Games are all in the name of fun and inclusion. They highlight the inequalities pet owners face whilst trying to keep their furry animals safe and well.

One of the winners included Lola, 11, a three-legged Staffie from the New Forrest. She was rescued as a pup and then developed cancer in her foot when she was just two years old, which sadly needed amputating. 

Lola didn’t let her disability stop her though and she whizzed around the course, handling the Bone Bridge, Jump-less Jump, and the running tunnels with ease.

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Claire Westcott, Lola’s owner, said: “I have never seen anything like this, it is just brilliant, so inclusive. We loved the fact Lola could get involved and enjoyed it so much.”

Brad May, Petsure Chief Marketing Officer, said: ‘‘We launched the Petsure Games to highlight the injustices against pets with pre-existing medical conditions – Petsure will look to offer fair priced pet insurance to cats and dogs across the nation.”

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