Afghanistan: Person on ‘no fly’ list flown to UK during Kabul evacuation efforts

Kabul: Chaotic scenes at airport as thousands try to flee

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The Home Office has confirmed the person made it to Birmingham on Sunday night, despite being named as a threat to the UK. The ‘no fly’ list is a register of people that should not be evacuated from Afghanistan, as they are deemed too dangerous to be in Britain.

Officials were alerted to the individual’s presence overnight but the Home Office has stated that they have since decided that the person is ‘of no interest’ and that they will not take any action.

The Afghan has been let go and no explanation has been offered on how he managed to board an evacuation flight despite being flagged as a danger.

A Home Office spokesperson said: “An individual was flagged to the Home Office as part of the rigorous checks process, involving the police, security services and others.

“However, upon further investigation, they are not a person of interest to the security agencies or law enforcement.”

Four others attempted to board the UK evacuation flight but were prevented from boarding.

The Home Office has stated that the fact the person was identified shows that checks are working, before going on to say that a person can be on the list for one of many reasons.

A government spokesperson told Sky News: “There are people in Afghanistan who represent a serious threat to national security and public safety.

“That is why thorough checks are taking place by government, our world-class intelligence agencies and others.

“If someone is assessed as presenting as a risk to our country, we will take action.”

MPs were briefed on the muck-up by a senior Border Force official, who told them that another individual was stopped from coming into the country after attempting to get in via Frankfurt.

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The number of ‘no fly’ listed people trying to get into the UK has risen dramatically in recent days since the Taliban gained control of Kabul. 

Usually, the military would receive one notice of a potential security breach every four to five months but there has been at least five in one week as desperate Afghans scramble to get out of the country.

During the briefing, Kevin Foster, the Home Office minister, said that forces must be “mindful” of people who pose a threat to the UK whilst flying Afghans into the country.

The UK is evacuating thousands who have helped the UK, such as translators and their families in a chaotic rush as the Taliban could put an end to the operation at any moment.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has warned that the evacuation operation could be over in “hours now, not days”.

It is understood that the US have no flagged list like the UK and instead carry out checks once those evacuated have reached American soil.

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