Air hostess caught drug driving twice in 24 hours by same police officer

A woman caught drug driving twice in 24 hours by the same police officer has walked free from court with a £369 fine.

Isabelle Peck, 20, who now works as an air hostess for Jet2, snorted cocaine before driving a silver Vauxhall Corsa in Lostock on the evening of April 27.

After being taken into custody, she was warned to wait before getting behind the wheel again as the Class A drug could stay in her system for a while.

But she didn’t listen and tested positive again when caught the following evening by the same officer on the A556 in Lostock.

Peck had a higher reading for the drug’s compound Benzoylecgonine (BZE) when she got stopped the second time.

She was almost ten times the 50mg limit the first day, and 16 times the limit the next.

But she told Chester magistrates court she didn’t take more cocaine after her initial arrest.

BZE is a breakdown product of cocaine and was more prevalent in her blood as the drug left her system, her solicitor John Farnan said.

Georgia Leyland, prosecuting, said: ‘The officer had warned the defendant the day before about the drugs still being in her system and told her to wait a longer time before driving again. However, she didn’t do that.’

But she added: ‘Miss Peck is of previous good character, she has no previous convictions.’

Mr Farnan said: ‘The defendant tells me that she accepts that at the time of the first offence she had taken cocaine on a very occasional and recreational basis.

‘She is absolutely very much aware that when she went to pick her car up she should have waited longer and got someone else to pick it up.’

He added that Peck had got a job as cabin crew for Jet2 following the offence.

‘They regularly drug test and she has not taken any cocaine since she started that job’, he said.

The maximum sentence for drug driving is six months in jail, but Peck was fined £369 for the incident. 

She was also banned from driving for the minimum amount of 12 months and must pay £157 in costs and victim surcharge.

Chairman Andrew Merrill noted that she was not being punished for the second offence, adding: ‘We have listened to everything that’s been said and taken it on board.’

Mr Farnan said that as she had only passed her driving test in the last two years, she would have the ‘additional punishment’ of needing to retake it once the disqualification was ended.

The DVLA may also require proof Peck, from Northwich, Cheshire, is not drug dependent before returning her driving licence to her. has contacted Jet2 for comment.

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