Air New Zealand dismantles Prince Harry’s book claim

BBC Breakfast editor defends covering Prince Harry stories

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In Spare, Harry says Meghan bought the tickets when her father was travelling from Mexico to the UK. He alleges that Meghan purchased said tickets through Air New Zealand.

He added that they were “first class, booked, and paid for by Meg”. On the specific incident, Harry recalled how they warned Mr Markle that “a whole new level of harassment is about to rain down on you, so come to Britain. Now”.

Air New Zealand has since come out and denied this claim, stating that they don’t fly this route.

Speaking to the New Zealand Herald, a spokesman said: “We’ve never had flights between Mexico and the UK. And we only have Business Premier.”

What’s more, the airline then took to Twitter, writing: “Introducing #SussexClass Apparently coming soon.”

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While this may appear embarrassing for the Prince, his story isn’t without merit.

A report in Stuff NZ suggests that Meghan could have booked the tickets through Air New Zealand’s Star Alliance Partner United Airlines, by taking him from Mexico to Los Angeles and from there to London with Air New Zealand who flies from LA to London.

As a result, it is possible that the journey could have been booked through Air New Zealand and that there may have been some confusion with regard to first-class vs Business Premier which could be construed to be comparable to first class as it sits above Business in the airlines’ hierarchy suggested the report.

Overall, however, it marks another controversy to come out of Spare, one filled with allegations aimed left, right, and centre at Harry’s close family.

Among the claims in the book include Harry’s allegation that his brother Prince William, physicall assaulted him, and teased him over his panic attacks.

He also claims the Queen Consort Camilla briefed against him in the press and campaigned to become Queen.

Harry writes how he and his brother asked the now King Charles III not to marry Camilla.

Alongside these claims, he has spoken about his time in Afghanistan and his experiences there. This, he said, was covered in order to help veterans talk about their experiences.

The press are not immune from his exoriating critique, with the Prince going into great discussion about the impact they have had on his life.

Amid all these accusations, question marks now hang over whether Harry will be present at the coronation of his father in May.

There are also rumours that he may have his titles withdrawn, meaning he and Meghan would no longer be the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

In the meantime, the Royal Family has resumed its duties.

Prince William and Princess Kate opened the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, their first official engagement since the publication of Spare.

As well as making royal waves, the book has also broken records, becoming the best-selling non-fiction book in history.

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