Almanac tips Kerry for Sam and Greens for the balance of power

A future-telling publication famed for its accuracy has predicted Kerry as the next All-Ireland football champions.

‘Old Moore’s Almanac’, which has been in circulation for 256 years, has announced its predictions for 2020, which include the Kingdom dethroning the Dubs, Kilkenny winning back Liam MacCarthy and the Green Party “holding the key to power” in the general election.

The publication, which has the highest circulation of any Irish magazine with sales expected to reach 47,000 copies, was founded by Theophilus Moore in 1764.

The mathematician was considered a wizard of astrology, gaining the nickname ‘The Irish Merlin’.

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Last year’s edition saw the in-house psychic correctly predict Tipperary and Dublin as winners of their respective All-Irelands, no satisfactory resolution for Brexit and, more seriously, an Irish ferry to be in the headlines.

Unfortunately, according to this year’s predictions, there will be no let-up on Brexit, which will still dominate the political agenda in 2020 “as the saga continues to trundle along”.

The psychic also forecasts the death of a Hollywood icon, a major storm and a political scandal in Ireland and problems with self-driving cars.

However, there is some good news environmentally on the horizon, according to the psychic who said that “all is not lost for the Earth’s coral reefs”.

A major earthquake is predicted, along with a glacier collapse in the Alps and a volcanic eruption in Iceland.

Isil will re-emerge, the almanac predicts, there will be a drone terror attack and Donald Trump, who they expect will not serve a second term, will “make a bad situation worse” when tensions in the Middle East reach breaking point.

The 2020 edition also includes a look at genuine future trends, including a “game-changer” for Irish farmers.

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