Amalia security threat suspect Taghi denies involvement in kidnap plot

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A key suspect in the potential plot to attack or kidnap Holland’s heir denied involvement after Princess Amalia was forced to leave her student halls in Amsterdam. Ridouan Taghi, 44, who is a known “Mocro-maffia” figure in the Dutch capital, is currently on trial for several murders.

“Mocro-maffia is believed to be one of the largest drug-trafficking gangs in Europe.

Mr Taghi’s lawyer, Inez Weski, previously said his client “strongly” denied the claims.

According to the National News, the lawyer also claimed Mr Taghi “didn’t want to hurt Princess Amalia” and stressed he “would never harm a child”.

Mr Taghi appeared to reaffirm his position in recent days.

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Dutch media outlet NL Times revealed that the kingpin submitted a written statement which denied any involvement.

Mr Taghi has not formally been named as a suspect in the case concerning threats made against Princess Amalia.

His comments instead came after he was questioned as a witness in a separate case involving his cousin Youssef and a plot to take him out of prison.

The 44-year-old remains on trial for murders related to organised crime, drug trafficking and leading a criminal organisation.

Taghi is being held in a maximum-security prison and his trial is being held in a high-security courtroom called the Bunker.

Princess Amalia’s parents, King Willem-Alexander and his Argentine wife Queen Maxima, delivered an emotional statement after they announced their 18-year-old daughter would move out of halls.

Maxima said: “She didn’t go to live on her own.

“You probably heard about the news about this.

“It has enormous consequences for her life.

“It means, of course, that she doesn’t live in Amsterdam and that she cannot really go outside.”

She added: “I am really proud of her for how she is coping with this, I honestly have to say that.”

When asked what this meant as a father, the King said: “I cannot describe it. It is very difficult.”

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