Andrew Neil hits out at companies refusing refunds as he calls for ‘COVID blacklist’

The BBC host said a second list of firms who have pitched in to fight COVID-19 should be publicised on a second list. The outspoken TV journalist’s proposal came after he failed to obtain a refund from Thai Airways. Airing his frustration on Twitter, Mr Neil said: “So far I’ve had nothing.

“And there are IATA rules about refunds.”

He said companies who “behaved badly during crisis, perhaps even exploiting it” should be listed.

While a second list should publicise “companies that did their best to helps, some in an exemplary fashion”.

He suggested luxury fashion house Burberry would earn a place on the latter.

Burberry has swapped production of expensive trench coats for medical gowns at its Yorkshire factory.

Mr Neil said knowing which firms chipped in during the crisis and which ones didn’t “could guide our post-COVID buying patterns”.

Mr Neil tweeted: “I hope somebody puts together a list of companies that refused proper refunds or made them very difficult to get.

“A sort of post-COVID blacklist of corporate names to avoid when a semblance of normality returns.”

Mr Neil said he had sought a number of refunds due to the lockdown and all companies had given him back his money except Thai Airways.

He claims the airline told him he may receive his cash in the future but warned it could take up to eight weeks to process.

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“Would never use them again,” he slammed.

Burberry said it has donated more than 100,000 pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE) to hospital staff.

And rival fashion brand Mulberry said it has switched its handbag factory in Somerset to making 8,000 gowns for NHS workers in Bristol.

Burberry said it has donated PPE, including masks the company has sourced, to help the global health emergency.

It also said it has transformed its Castleford factory to manufacture non-surgical gowns and supply them to the NHS.

It added that it will maintain its base pay for employees who have been unable to work due to closures.

“We will not rely on Government support for jobs in the UK, where more than a third of our employees are based,” the company added.

Senior bosses announced they will take a 20 percent pay cut from April to June.

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