Andrew Neil warned Meghan and Harry’s interview will damage UK: ‘Bash the Brits’

Meghan Markle and Harry: Andrew Neil 'won't watch interview'

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Meghan and Harry sent shockwave across the world when their sit-down interview with talk show host legend Oprah Winfrey aired this week. The couple shared why they felt they had to leave the royal frontline last year, and made some astounding revelations in the process. The Duchess of Sussex touched on a wide range of topics, including concerns about her son Archie, and insight into her own mental health while a working royal.

Her husband Harry claimed he felt “really let down” by his father, Prince Charles, who reportedly “stopped taking my calls” when negotiating his royal exit.

The Duke of Sussex also called the Palace system into question, by alleging that his father and brother Prince William were “trapped” in the Royal Family.

He said he, too, had been trapped — but just did not realise it until he met Meghan.

Both criticised the Palace machine for a lack of support during this troubling period early in their marriage.

These astonishing comments left viewers reeling all over the world.

Broadcasting figurehead and renowned journalist Andrew Neil then shared his thoughts on the interview, and claimed that the interview would have a serious impact on the UK’s reputation.

Mr Neil tweeted: “It’s been Bash the Brits day on US TV after that interview with the Markles.

“I suspect most Brits will be a bit sniffy and circumspect about that [sic] they had to say.

“But it’s going down a storm almost everywhere else.

“A total sh*t-show for UK’s global reputation.”

His tweet received more than 10,000 likes in three days.

The interview aired first in the US, on Sunday — UK viewers were able to watch it on Monday on ITV.

The couple have received both widespread support and criticism in the wake of the interview within Britain.

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After the interview aired, 36 percent of respondents still sympathised with the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family in the UK, according to a YouGov poll.

This was a drop of just two points compared to a survey taken the week before the bombshell interview made it onto the small screen.

Meghan and Harry did see a small increase in sympathy from Britons during that time, from 18 to 22 percent.

However, YouGov found Americans who watched the interview have, for the most part, sided with the Sussexes.

It found that Americans are twice as likely to sympathise with Meghan and Harry, with 47 percent supporting them, compared to just 23 percent of respondents who sympathise with the Royal Family.

US President Joe Biden also publicly noted that it took “courage” for Meghan to speak up about such a challenging time.

Co-host of the US TV programme CBS This Morning, Gayle King, commented: “I got very choked up just listening to her [Meghan] explain how difficult it is to seek help.”

She added: “I thought it was very brave of her to share that.”

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The New York Times also praised Harry for becoming “emboldened to take on the British monarchy into which he was born”.

As The Guardian noted: “The pair, who have settled in California, were widely seen as wanting to use the interview as a way to launch their new public lives in the US, and they appear to have been embraced by many watching.”

New York University journalism professor Jay Rosen also tweeted: “That was the best interview I ever watched. Let it launch a thousand clips.”

The fallout from the interview is expected to continue for some time, especially as some senior royals are still “reeling”, according to the Daily Mail.

The Queen is reportedly seeking “peace talks” with Harry, and has taken personal charge of handling the crisis unleashed by the interview.

Yet, the monarch “doesn’t buy” all of the couple’s claims from the interview, according to royal commentator Penny Junor.

She said this was apparent from the Queen’s statement, released on Tuesday, which acknowledged the allegations from the Sussexes’ “intimate conversation” with Oprah.

It was sympathetic towards the pair, but added the key phrase “while some recollections may vary”.

Ms Junor said: “So they are saying we don’t buy everything you’ve accused us of.

“I think the route, as far as I was concerned, was to reply in sorrow rather than anger, which is what they’ve done.”

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