Angela Kelly makes thinly veiled dig at King claiming she’s been ‘disrespected’

The late Queen Elizabeth II’s right-hand woman appears to have made a vague dig at the new monarch in new cryptic posts on social media. Angela Kelly, 65, former PA and dresser of Queen Elizabeth shared her thoughts and feelings ahead of her move out of the Windsor estate.

King Charles III is reported to have bought a home for her in the Peak District, to honour his late mother’s wishes to keep a roof over Ms Kelly’s head. It’s understood the property will be returned to the Crown when she dies.

This weekend, Ms Kelly, who was the Queen’s best friend, was spotted packing up her belongings. Today, a removal truck pulled up outside her home where she has resided as part of her two decades of service.

Alongside packing her belongings this weekend, the former royal dresser posted a series of stories on Instagram in an apparent swipe at someone she claims to be “ungrateful”.

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One story contained the lyrics from the song Broken Angel by Iranian-Swedish singer Arash, which features the words: “You are the one. I miss you so much. Now you’re gone.”

In a separate Instagram story, Ms Kelly uploaded the following to her social media handle, @Agenthighheels: “No matter how kind and generous you are, you’ll never satisfy an ungrateful person. Learning how to remain calm when you’re disrespected is a superpower.”

Today, Ms Kelly looked overcome with emotion as removal trucks pulled up at her home, mere hours before she shifts her life further north.

The King’s gesture, of moving Ms Kelly into a new property, reportedly comes with strings attached – this includes restricting her from discussing her friendship with the late Queen.

This is despite the former aide garnering permission from Her Majesty to publish a series of books about her role within the palace. It’s reported the books’ proceeds would serve as a “pension” for her years of loyal service.

Ms Kelly currently has two books published about her life in royal circles and has reportedly been asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement effectively preventing her from disclosing any further secrets from within The Firm.

The close confidante of the late Queen has also recently been reflecting upon past memories. An additional story uploaded to Instagram read: “When your heart is feeling heavy and your mind is full of worry, don’t forget you’ve made it this far.”

It went on to reveal: “You never know what’s on its way to you, never know what’s around the corner”.

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Earlier this month, Ms Kelly poignantly posted a picture of her garden with the caption: “’Getting ready to say goodbye. I am moving at last to my new home which I will be able to call My Home at last.”

The Liverpool-born designer notified friends she was moving “just further on than Sheffield” so she would not be too far away from her family. Since Ms Kelly began moving her belongings, more removal vans have been spotted outside her home to assist her with move.

Throughout her years of service, the royal dresser was nick-named, AK47, inspired by her initials and apparent “hair-trigger-temper”. Ms Kelly served as an assistant and senior dresser to Queen Elizabeth II for 20 years until the monarch passed away in 2022. She was also recognised by the King in a special “demise” honours awards earlier this year marking Queen Elizabeth’s death.

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