Angela Levin explains ‘religious vow’ behind Queen’s refusal to give up royal duties

Queen will not give up duties says Angela Levin

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Angela Levin has claimed that a religious vow is behind the Queen’s decision to carry on with her royal duties. Last night it was revealed that the Queen spent Wednesday night in hospital for preliminary medical checks. Since then, there have been questions about whether the Queen should “take a step back” from her workload.

However, Ms Levin explained to talkRADIO host Julia Hartley-Brewer that the “devout” Queen’s religious vow at the age of 21 has motivated her to continue on.

Ms Hartley-Brewer asked: “She feels she has a duty to carry on.

“Does she not think that Prince Charles can take over? That William or Kate cannot take up these duties?

“We know it’s all about duty for her so what is the motive for her to do this work when there are plenty of other royals to do those duties?”

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Ms Levin responded: “She thinks she does it best, and she is the most experienced.

“But the main reason is a religious one, that when she was 21, she said she would do her best to be the Queen, and with God’s help she would do it until she died.

“The coronation confirmed that because it is a holy event, as well as royal one.

“She doesn’t want to break her link with that.

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“It would make her feel very bad because she is devout.”

However, Ms Levin pointed out that the papal office could be an example that the royals follow in the future.

She continued: “The Pope has stepped back, he retired. Popes are not usually allowed to leave their job until they die too.

“So I think you have to consider that people live much longer than they did before.”


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Ms Levin backed calls for the Queen to scale down her commitments, saying: “It’s a fight between her head and her body because she wants to do it but her body is 95 years old.”

Buckingham Palace confirmed last night that the 95-year-old monarch returned from King Edward VII’s Hospital in Marylebone at lunchtime on Thursday.

In a statement, the Palace said: “Following medical advice to rest for a few days, the Queen attended hospital on Wednesday afternoon for some preliminary investigations, returning to Windsor Castle at lunchtime today, and remains in good spirits.”

An official record of the Queen’s diary showed at least 16 formal events during October, and there had been plans for her to embark on the two-day trip to Northern Ireland this week.

However, she earlier cancelled a visit to Northern Ireland on Wednesday.

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