Anti-vax holiday retreat in Wales bans guests who have had Covid jab

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Blaeneinion eco-retreat in Powys says it will only accommodate unvaccinated visitors as owner Sharon Girardi calls the jab “experimental” and says she has a “duty of care” to her family and guests.

In a public notice on the Blaeneinion website, Ms Girardi says: “With great sadness we have made the decision that we will be unable to welcome folk on site that are ‘vaccinated’ with the experimental Covid jab.

“As this is a rapidly emerging and previously unknown situation, we feel that the precautionary principle is best adopted until more is known.

“I have a duty of care to my family, to our staff and to anyone staying on site.”

The notice makes several unsupported claims about the vaccine side effects, including testicular swelling, which has been repeatedly disproven since rapper Nicki Minaj made the claim on Twitter earlier this week.

Official advice from the NHS and the UK government ensures the Covid vaccine is safe and the single most effective way to reduce deaths and severe illness from Covid.

To date, more than 44 million Britons are fully vaccinated against the virus and millions of vulnerable people will be offered a booster vaccine from next week.

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Despite this, Ms Girardi told WalesOnline: “There are many people with the same views and are cautious about the experimental nature of the injections. They are grateful to have somewhere to go.”

She says she has received “an unexpected and overwhelming outpouring of love and support from so many like-minded souls”.

A notice on the resort’s website states that it is now fully booked until the end of September.

Additional reporting by Emily Withers.

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