Are Ukrainians eligible for free childcare in the UK?

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In the UK, there are four main regions due to what is known as devolution. That means that England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland can often operate under different rules.

Childcare is one of these areas, so you need to find the right rules depending on where in the UK you are living.


In England, you can get help towards childcare. This includes free universal childcare places for children aged three and four.

You can also get access to extra free childcare if you are working and your child is aged 3 and 4, or you can get free childcare if your child is 2 and you are on a very low income.

You may also be able to get money off your childcare bills if you are working or are on Universal Credit, so you should speak to your local council or visit GOV.UK.


If you live in Wales, you can get help with childcare payments including:

  • childcare for children aged three and four
  • childcare support for parents whilst training or looking for work

Your local Family Information Service (FIS) provides free advice on childcare.


In Scotland, if your child is three or four-years-old, you can get up to 600 hours of funded early learning and childcare a year for free.

The Government says: “This is equivalent to 16 hours a week if taken in term time or around 12 hours a week if taken all year round.”

Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, you can access a specified amount of free childcare for children depending on your circumstances. 

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