Asda discount fight erupts as woman slaps shopper in face with pizza after chicken thrown

ASDA releases their 2021 Christmas advert

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Footage from beside a fridge in the store captured the shoppers fighting over discounted food. At one stage in the dispute, a customer is seen launching a pizza over the head of another shopper in anger.

As “Black Friday” approaches across the UK, this scuffle could paint a picture of even more scenes like this in the next few weeks.

Entrepreneur Nick, or Mr Miami UK, originally from Miami but living now in the West Midlands, was in the shop when the fight erupted.

Sharing the footage, he said: “This is bizarre.

“I was thinking why they are acting like this…

“I use the discount aisle and wouldn’t think of ever going near a commotion like that.

“I felt everyone needed to see what it was like and how people have no regard for others.

“Maybe I should shop a little later if I want to miss the bargain hunters.”

This fight comes after a Tesco store in Kent accidentally became Britain’s “cheapest” petrol station.

But these prices were not reduced due to bargain prices by the petrol station, but down to a technical error at the facility itself.

A rat entered the facility and chewed through some of the wires in the facility, which caused the sign to show an inaccurate price.

The facility was based in Sheerness, Kent and saw a mammoth reduction in prices for customers.

The sign had the cost of the petrol as sitting at 134.9p a litre and diesel at 136.9p.

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The average price of petrol has recently hit a record high, as petrol costs 144.9p a litre and diesel 148.84p.

Due to this error, the manager at this petrol station had committed to charging customers the price as shown on the sign.

Despite this, it was all not good news for shoppers.

Upon arrival, customers realised that contactless payments were not available due to the rat chewing away at the wire which allowed these payments to be processed.

A source close to Tesco released a comment following the incident, saying: “We are closing our Sheerness Extra petrol garage for a short time while we fix a technical issue.

“This is not impacting any other Tesco petrol garages.”

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