Asda shoppers ‘will never buy takeaway again’ since trying £3.50 meal

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Some Asda shoppers claim they’ll “never buy a takeaway again” after trying a budget £3.50 meal which they say rivals that of Domino’s and Papa John’s.

Pricey takeaways are often the first luxuries slashed off families’ expenses list as they try to deal with the cost of living crisis.

But Asda, and many other supermarkets, make £3.50 pizzas in store and shoppers are allowed to choose their own toppings if they wish to do so.

The company’s Medium Stonebaked Mighty Meat Feast in either Deep Pan or Thin & Crispy have received particular praise online.

One Twitter user, who shared a picture of their treat, posted: “Great price and good quality”.

A second reviewer added: “Nice and tasty cooks quickly plus I prefer the thin base”.

A third stated: “#Asda pizza, delicious”. The Tweet continued: “Will never eat takeaway pizza, while ever these are so consistently gorgeous” followed by an emoji of a finger and thumb making a circle shape that typically means “I’m okay” or “I’m good”.

A typical medium-sized pizza from Domino’s, for instance, costs £20.99, Manchester Evening News reports. 

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Writing about Asda’s alternative, another shopper posted: “Yummy pizzas, plenty of topping, great value for money.”

Others left comments on the product page read “Great tasting pizza, not too saucy on the base and good amount of topping”, “Great value meal deal” and “Love these so tasty and do a brill deal”.

According to the website, these pizzas are currently included in a takeaway-style mix-and-match meal deal, which lets you pick up two medium pies and a 1.75l bottle of drink for £6.

Asda, which has founded in Leeds, has more than 600 supermarkets across the UK, most of which serve fresh-cooked pizzas.

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