Autistic girl with epilepsy was dragged across the floor by her wrist

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Nicola Oades has told how daughter Ruby was pulled to her bedroom by an employee at Fullerton House in Doncaster, South Yorks.

A BBC probe has found children like her were punched, locked out naked and had vinegar poured on their cuts in homes in the city between 2018 and 2021.

Nicola said: “It’s hard enough to make that decision to put your child into care – you put all your trust into these people.

“It’s soul-destroying. You’d think when they are getting £250,000 a year, [they would get] the Rolls-Royce of care.”

Last year, a review by a Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel found young people with disabilities and complex needs suffered “very serious abuse and neglect” at Fullerton House and two other homes run by the Hesley Group -Wilsic Hall and Wheatley House.

As well as physical and mental abuse being “inflicted with no respite”, they identified evidence to suggest staff had “seriously breached sexual boundaries with each other and children and young adults”.

The Hesley Group previously said it was “deeply sorry for the hurt caused”.

Ofsted said: “It’s clear there are lessons for all to learn.”

South Yorkshire Police is still investigating.

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