BA flight attendant ‘raped’ on night out in Barbados between shifts

A flight attendant was allegedly raped following a night out in a luxury destination between shifts. An assault is said to have taken place in Barbados as the British Airways crew spent the night at a £550-a night hotel on the Caribbean island. The crew had headed out for food and drinks before the woman was allegedly targeted in the hotel later on. A British person of interest has been arrested and is being questioned by police.

Five of her cabin crew colleagues attended a police station to give statements.

Barbados police spokesman Inspector Rodney Inniss told The Sun: “Employees from the British Airways have given statements on the matter and we are currently questioning a person of interest.

“I can confirm that the individual is of British nationality. There are no formal charges at this stage.”

Inspector Inniss said the incident was reported on Monday morning to the Hastings – Worthing Police Station.

“An investigation into this matter was immediately launched at the time of receiving the report, and is now at a very sensitive stage,” he said.

Passengers were told their flight from Barbados to London Heathrow was cancelled this week after the stewardess reported her allegations to police.

Those left stranded in the Caribbean for 24 hours had no idea of the reason behind their delayed return to the UK.

British Airways bosses sent their own investigators and support team to Barbados to care for the staff.

A source told The Sun: “This has been an unimaginable time for the stewardess and her flight colleagues. What was one of the most magical parts of working for BA – heading out on the town in Barbados and staying at a lavish hotel – turned into a nightmare.

“The stewardess was brave enough to go to the police and report the attack. And her colleagues did not hesitate to provide supporting statements as part of the ongoing investigation.”

Another insider said: “BA bosses did not hesitate to cancel the flight home, despite the cost and inconvenience to passengers. Staff is always the priority in these situations. The airline has experienced support now on the ground in Barbados and everything will be done to look after the woman and her colleagues.

“Everyone is rooting for the stewardess and supporting the Barbados police in every way possible.”

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BA and Virgin Atlantic fly direct to the Barbados capital Bridgetown in under nine hours.

The west coast of the sun-kissed island, fringed by the calm Caribbean, make it a holiday favourite for thousands of Brits each year.

Police in Barbados were approached for an official comment.

A spokesperson for British Airways said: “This is a police matter and we’re supporting our colleagues at this time.”

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