Baby Archie title: How Prince Harry’s son could inherit Prince William’s title

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Prince William became the Duke of Cambridge upon his wedding day in 2011, at the appointment of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. William’s new wife subsequently became known as Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, following in the tradition that a Royal Family member and their spouse receive new titles on their wedding day.

For some dukedoms and earldoms in the British peerage system, titles are passed onto the next generation when the holder dies.

However, in the case of the Royal Family, royal titles are not always automatically passed on to the holder’s son or daughter.

This means a member of the Royal Family may receive a new title on their wedding day, but this title could become vacant when the person dies or is given a new title.

Prince William is currently known as the Duke of Cambridge, but as an heir to the throne, William is likely to lose this title for another in the future.


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When William’s father, Prince Charles, ascends the throne, Charles will leave his Prince of Wales title vacant.

It is not yet certain whether this title will continue to be used in the future, but if it is, Prince William will become Prince of Wales as he is next in line for the throne.

With the Duke of Cambridge title vacant, it will remain unused until another member of the Royal Family marries.

In theory, William’s eldest son Prince George, 6, could also receive the Duke of Cambridge title whenever he marries in the future.

However, Prince William’s nephew Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor could also receive the Duke of Cambridge title when he marries.

As the son of Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, Archie is currently seventh-in-line to the throne.

But unlike his royal cousins, Archie is currently without any royal titles or the style of His Royal Highness (HRH).


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Archie’s parents opted not to give him a title, although technically Archie was eligible to receive his father’s subsidiary title of Earl of Dumbarton.

It is believed Meghan and Harry’s decision not to grant Archie a title signalled they wanted a more normal life for their son, away from the royal spotlight.

Princess Anne, the Queen’s only daughter, also opted not to give her children royal titles.

Anne’s daughter Zara Tindall and her son, Peter Phillips, have spoken about how their lack of royal titles gave them the freedom to pursue their own careers and interests.

But even though Archie does not currently hold a royal title, it does not mean he will not be offered one in the future.

As the Queen’s grandson, Prince Harry received the new royal title of Duke of Sussex on his wedding day in 2018, despite the fact he is not directly in line for the throne.

One day Archie’s grandfather, Prince Charles, is likely to be King, which would mean Archie would be in the same position his father is in now as the grandson of the monarch, and could, therefore, be eligible to receive a new royal title.

If Prince William is Prince of Wales by the time Archie decides to marry, he could well become the next Duke of Cambridge.

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