Bad dog! Naughty pup eats a staggering NINE socks – but lives to tell the tale

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Beau, a Beagle-Harrier cross, was thought to have only swallowed one sock when his owner, Lucy Elliott, caught her young dog eating it. Little did she know his snack was only the latest addition to his feasting, adding to other socks already in his tummy.

After calling her Vets4Pets office in Lisburn, Co Antrim, Northern Ireland, vets wanted Lucy to bring in Beau for a check over as soon as possible.

TeamDogs reports that vets at the animal hospital were concerned the sock could create internal damage to his stomach, meaning the team may need to perform an operation to retrieve it.

With no sign of the sock making an appearance, the animal experts decided the best and most natural method was to make Beau sick.

Within minutes of inducing the dog to throw up what he ate, Beau became nauseous and the sock came back up.

However, to the surprise of the vets, this was only the start as the little hound regurgitated a total of NINE socks – and not a pair amongst them.

Sharing the story on their Facebook, Vets4Pets Lisburn wrote: “Beau’s owners got in touch when they saw him eat a sock.

“We advised to bring him in so we could make him sick as there was a danger the sock could become lodged in his intestine.

“Much to everyone’s surprise, he not only brought up one sock, not two but nine!!”

“Here he is looking very sorry for himself. Lets hope he has learned to stay clear of socks from now on.”

The practice also shared an image of Beau looking rather sorry for himself with each of the socks lined up in front of him to show dog owners the dangers of their pets scoffing on foreign objects.

Practice Manager of Vets4Pets Lisburn Christina Cozmescu, says Beau is now back to his bouncing self after the incident.

She said: “Beau is doing really well and has not suffered any ill effects from his ordeal thanks to the quick action taken by his owners.”

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