Barmaid found dead in Magaluf wrote note saying she was 'too exhausted to live'

A British bartender working in Spain took her own life after writing that she was ‘too exhausted to live’ and that she ‘feels alone all the time’. 

Danielle Finlay Brookes hanged herself in May last year, just a few days before her 24th birthday. A friend, who had access to her flat keys, found her that night.

Danielle also wrote a suicide note, where she apologised and said: ‘I wanted to believe that I could fix this but I cannot.

‘I feel alone all the time and I am exhausted. I am not strong enough to do this on my own. I love you all, do not ever forget that.’

The aspiring actress, from Crewe in Cheshire, was previously diagnosed with anxiety. She tried to take an overdose seven years ago. 

But an inquest heard that she seemed ‘content and happy’ working seasonally in Magaluf for several years before her death. 

Danielle had posted on social media that she was a ‘queen building her own empire’ and had arranged a spa-day with her step-mum, Lisa, to celebrate her upcoming birthday. 

The night before she died, Danielle sent her step-mum a video of her and some friends at a bar.

Lisa replied: ‘I cannot wait for our girly hot tub date’ and her step-daughter sent a message back saying ‘me too’ with kisses.

An inquest heard that Danielle and her friends argued later that evening but the details about why were not revealed.

Her body was discovered at 9.30pm the next day. 

The Spanish authorities said: ‘The premises were in perfect condition. There were no signs of violence or foul play.’ 

Although there was alcohol found in Danielle’s blood, there is no evidence that drink or drugs had anything to do with her death. 

The inquiry concluded that she died by suicide. 

Coroner Claire Welch said: ‘The background given to me about the period before her death shows there were no signs she was planning to do what she did. 

‘Sadly, it seems to me she was making her intentions clear, as she was apologising for what she did in her note. 

‘It suggests to me an element of forward planning and unfortunately, it is likely it was her intention to end her life.’ 

Speaking directly to Danielle’s family, the coroner said: ‘These are impossible circumstances for all of you. Any suicide is tragic, but she was on foreign soil, which must have made it even harder for you.

‘I am sure this whole process has been incredibly traumatic for all of you.. I give you all my condolences. I hope the fact that this process has now concluded means you can move forward with the grief you are going through. I wish you all the very best for the future.’ 

Ms Brookes’s friends have helped raise £4,000 with a GoFundMe campaign to get her body back to the UK and pay for the funeral. 

Her dad Michael said: ‘I’d just like to say a huge thank you to everyone that helped Danielle enjoy her last few years. 

‘She loved Maga and everyone who drank in her bar. Thank you. Absolutely heartbroken. She will always be my baby girl.’

One of her friends, Jay Burton, said: ‘Magaluf won’t be the same without you. Sending all my love to everyone else who is struggling through this tough time. 

‘Being stuck indoors, with your mind doing somersaults, thinking you’re not good enough, with the biggest challenge of the day being putting a smile on your face, thinking no-one would care if you just didn’t wake up the next day. 

‘Today seeing all the support from the Maga family after losing an amazing girl who cared for everyone, makes me realise how life is too short and many people actually do care. To all my friends and family, please check on those you haven’t heard from in a while.’

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