BBC considers two-tier licence fee with low price standard plan and premium rate

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New director-general Tim Davie has planned a scheme that will allow a premium and a standard package. The premium package would allow viewers access to high profile programmes such as The Night Manager, the Bodyguard, and Normal People. The new director-general wishes to find a new funding model that would stay in place until 2027.

But Mr Davie has said the BBC will not become a subscription service like Netflix.

The license fee currently costs £157.50 per year.

Speaking to The Sun, a source said: “This is all at a very early stage but the two-tier structure is being discussed at the higher echelons.

“You would effectively have a cut-price version including the main aspects of telly and radio stations.

“But there would be a gear-change with the next offer to the public, which could include the high-production dramas and possibly some sports.

“The view is very clear that the corporation has to stay relevant.

“People now have so many add-on services, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, that they feel they may not be using a lot of what the BBC has to offer.

“By offering a smaller product, it’s likely to win over those who dip in but don’t watch, listen or read BBC output as much as before.”

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The source added: “These are the sort of views those at the top of the BBC want to get aired, especially before a new BBC chair is in place early next year.”

Former MEP Patrick O’Flynn speaking in the Spectator said the BBC license fee, “has to go and will go”.

The new director-general Tim Davey plans to change how the BBC is perceived.

Many view the BBC as having a liberal left embedded culture.

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Mr Davie has outlined his views on how he will update the corporation.

Last week at a speech in Cardiff he said, “more people feel the BBC is for them”.

He added: “Our aim is not to beat others at their own game. It is to focus on being more, rather than less, BBC.

“More distinctive and committed to our unique public-service mission.

“We do not need all of everyone’s media time but we do need habitual use of the BBC and a deep attachment to at least some of our content.

“For the avoidance of doubt, I do not want a subscription BBC that serves the few.”

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