BBC election debate: Boris savages Corbyn’s ‘mystery’ Brexit plan – You’re all Remainers!

Jeremy Corbyn found himself in the hot seat during the BBC’s Election Debate when Boris Johnson attacked the Labour Party’s Brexit plan. The Opposition party have proposed they will negotiate a new Brexit deal in three months and put it to the public in a second referendum within six. The Prime Minister said: “What I want to know from the leader of the Labour Party is this deal he thinks he can get in three months time, who is going to negotiate it?”

He continued: “Because as far as I can see, everybody on the Labour frontbench is campaigning to Remain, apart from Mr Corbyn who is neutral on the matter.

“Who is going to secure this deal? How can you get a new deal from Brussels for Brexit if you don’t actually believe in it? That’s the mystery.”

Shadow cabinet ministers John McDonnell, Diane Abbott and Sir Keir Starmer have all suggested they will support remaining in the EU in a potential second referendum.

Mr Corbyn replied: “We get a deal in order to ensure that whatever the outcome of a final vote, the trade relationship continues with Europe.”

“If you go down the road, it will take seven years to negotiate a trade deal with the USA.

“You’re going to have queues all up the M20 in Kent, you’re going to have a problem of supply chain to all of our manufacturer industries.

“You’re going to have job losses on a huge scale.

“Unless you have a serious deal with the EU to maintain trade relationship.”

The Prime Minister defended his withdrawal agreement: “We have a deal. It’s a wonderful deal.

“We are going to come out on January 31 if we can get a working majority.

“I’m afraid listening to Mr Corbyn, it’s absolutely clear that what would happen next year is there would be a period of negotiation about this mystery deal.”

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Mr Johnson continued: “It would be led by somebody in the Labour Party that we can’t yet identify because Mr Corbyn doesn’t believe in the deal himself.

“It would be put in another referendum to the people of this country.

“Parliament and our country would spend a whole year, probably more, locked in debate about Brexit.

“What people want to do is move on with the issues facing the people.

“That’s what we can do immediately.”

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