BBC fury: How Jeremy Corbyn’s brother called broadcaster ‘evil’ for criticising Labour lea

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This weekend, conspiracy theorist Piers Corbyn was arrested again at London’s Hyde Park while attending a protest against the coronavirus lockdown. The brother of former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was photographed being taken away by two police officers. It is the second time the 73-year-old has been arrested in two weeks, after police detained him at a similar protest on May 16.

At the first protest, he had used a megaphone to say “vaccination is not necessary” and “5G towers will be installed everywhere”, adding: ‘”5G enhances anyone who’s got illness from COVID, so they work together.”

There is no evidence to link 5G and COVID-19 and scientists fear that a rise in measles among children can be attributed in part to unfounded fears about vaccines.

One of Jeremy Corbyn’s three sons, and Piers’ nephew, Tommy, wrote on Twitter: “Can I just say; Piers Corbyn speaks for Piers Corbyn and only Piers Corbyn… every family has a Piers I’m sure.”

The former Labour leader has often distanced himself from his brother’s controversial views, despite the latter always showing support for his leadership.

In 2017, Piers Corbyn launched an extraordinary attack on the BBC, accusing it of doing all it could to stop his younger brother becoming Prime Minister.

According to a throwback report by The Telegraph, he said the corporation was part of a “globalist elitist establishment”, colluding against the Labour leadership.

He also criticised the broadcaster for covering up Jimmy Savile, and dismissed Labour’s abysmal poll ratings, insisting that they were failing to detect “shy Corbynistas”.

Mr Corbyn told the publication: ‘”The BBC is evil and they will carry on being evil. At every opportunity they criticise him [Jeremy].

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“Why? The BBC have never been so biased against any party leader as now. That is because Jeremy stands for something different.

“Jeremy Corbyn stands against the globalist elitist establishment and the BBC has been in the past and in the present part of that.”

He said the BBC had been involved in the cover-ups of Hillsborough and at Orgreave, where police and miners clashed.

He added: “Look at paedophilia and the cover-up of Jimmy Savile.”

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A BBC spokesman dismissed the accusations, describing itself as an “independent and impartial broadcaster”.

Mr Corbyn is no stranger to controversy.

He runs a controversial weather forecasting firm and has dismissed global warming is “delusional nonsense”.

In 2016, he also appeared on stage alongside a notorious Holocaust denier and a leading 9/11 conspiracy theorist where he gave a speech claiming that man made climate change is a “lie’ promoted for profit by a global elite.

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