BBC savaged for being ‘profligate’ with money and having ‘warped priorities’ for future

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Silver Voices Director Dennis Reed argued the BBC had shown it had warped priorities going forward. During an interview with, Mr Reed claimed the BBC was profligate with its spending. He added that this resulted in the BBC having to make cuts to areas and introduce fees, most notably the TV licence fees for the over 75s.

Mr Reed said: “There are obviously a number of examples where the BBC has been profligate.

“They have been well covered in the mainstream media and there has been a big ho-ha about salaries and the cost of the new headquarters.

“Some media outlets have emphasises the amount of money spent on travel and so on.”

Mr Reed highlighted what he felt was wrong with the BBC’s spending and why it had proven to be a controversial issue.

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He said: “I think some of the things these things do like the high salaries is show warped priorities as far as the BBC is concerned.

“It is a bit of a sideline issue to be honest though because even if all those major celebrities took cuts it would not be sufficient money for the free licence system is be restored.”

Mr Reed also noted what changes he wants to see from the BBC.

He continued: “What the BBC needs to be doing is yes get its house in order.

“But it also needs to go back to the Government and say you keep complaining we have scrapped the free licence scheme but you have stopped the funding.

“We want you to provide some more funding to us to do this and there needs to be that healthy debate between the Government and the BBC.

“No doubt the Government will say you are wasting money on this and that but there needs to be this debate so that these free licences are restored.” has contacted the BBC for a comment on their spending. 

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Regarding the introduction of the over-75s TV licence fee, the BBC have previously responded to Mr Reed’s concerns.

On licensing fees, a BBC spokesperson told “It was the Government who decided to stop funding free TV licences for the over 75s.

“The BBC Board believes the fairest option is to help the poorest older pensioners.

“Around 1.5 million households could get free TV licences if someone is over 75 and receives Pension Credit.

“Critically, it is not the BBC making that judgement about poverty, it is the Government who set and control who is eligible for Pension Credit and what level of payments are made.”

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