BBC ‘woke nonsense’ means Beeb’s days numbered – Brexiteer says ‘it’s time to defund them’

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Mr Lowe said his decision to donate £158 – the cost of a yearly television licence, plus 50 pence – to the Defund the BBC campaign on the GoFundMe website, had been triggered by plans to remove Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory from the Last Night of the Proms. The former chairman of Southampton FC told “I made one before and I thought it would be a good time to make another one just to demonstrate that this is an organisation basically of young people doing a great job in highlighting that the BBC has now outlived its usefulness.

“Fundamentally the BBC has become unrepresentative of the British people.

“Probably, the Brexit vote exemplified that, and latterly all of this woke nonsense we get and them trying to out-woke each other all the time.

“I happen to believe that the majority of British people are very sound and very respectful.”

Turning to the latest row over the two well-known patriotic tunes, Mr Lowe said: “The feeling I get with this elitist fiasco with the attempt to erase the words of Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory, which they have now backed down on, is that they have completely lost any credibility as an unbiased servant of the British people.

“If Auntie is such a national treasure, she should not have a problem setting up a subscription model.

“They are spending £100 million on inclusion and diversity, whatever that means, meanwhile they are chasing over-75s for their licence fee.”

Mr Lowe explained: “I think all of us have had enough of it now.

“Personally I think they are a thoroughly malign influence at the heart of our country.

“They are run by a metropolitan elite who are completely out of touch with middle England.

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“And I think it is time to defund them.”

Talking about the people behind the GoFundMe campaign, Mr Lowe said they were young and bright, and “not stereotypical grumpy middle England at all”.

He added: “They feel a monopoly backed by a state levy which is enforceable by prison if you do not pay it is something which does not sit well in a liberal western society.”

Mr Lowe, who was elected as MEP for the West Midlands Region in 2019, said the BBC’s coverage of the debate had shaped a lot of attitudes towards the corporation.

He said: “The Brexit vote was a seminal moment for all of us.

“We had all coverage telling us we should vote in favour of remaining in the European Union – it was a fairly straightforward question.

“It was quite clear that not only the BBC but also the Government were in favour.

“We had that wretched document produced by Cameron and the Civil Service telling us if we did not vote for Remain the end of our economic world was coming.

“A bit like all these other predictions it was an attempt to corral everybody and disrespect each individual’s judgement, with the backing of the BBC.

“They were very disappointed when the British public voted to leave.

“In any sensible democracy – if you believe in it – you have to respect the vote of the people.”

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