BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg has May on spot with Queen meeting probe

Laura Kuenssberg wears black as she addresses death of Queen

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The former Prime Minister discussed the time she spent with the Queen during her time in office and paid tribute to her. BBC presenter Laura Kuensberg tried to tease out of the former Prime Minister whether or not the Queen got her to change her mind on certain political matters. Theresa May stated that she could not reveal their private conversations, but hinted that the late Queen got her to view things from a slightly different perspective.

Ms Kuenssberg added: “Did she lead you to change your mind, wittingly or unwittingly?”

The former Prime Minister told Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg: “Well I can’t reveal any particular conversations, but I think the great thing is, yes that coming from a slightly different angle, from a slightly different perspective can make you think I hadn’t sort of looked at that as quite as closely as I need to.”

Mr May added: “It turns into a conversation, it’s not a sort of debriefing, it is a conversation about issues.

“Because the Queen does her homework… Did her homework, she would read her red boxes, she would read Government papers and she would know what was going on.

“And of course, she had tremendous experience of issues and of people.”


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